Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm Now A Keaton Row Stylist!

I just started a fabulous new business that I'm so excited to tell you about! 
It's called Keaton Row and it's your own 100% online personal styling business.
A fellow stylist Kendra made this hilarious FAQ about what this "Keaton Row" thing is all about... so I thought I would share it!

I recently launched a side business with Keaton Row and I am having a blast with it. Whenever I start something new, like I change my toothbrush or I decide I just really like roasted beets, the paparazzi and members of the international press race to the scene and overwhelm me with questions, so I thought I would put in writing my answers to the questions they’ve already been frequently asking so far.
Q: So, what is Keaton Row and where is that?
A: I don’t know if it’s a place. I think it lives on the internet. It’s a personal styling service developed by some beautiful Harvard MBA women.
Q: Do you come to my closet and throw all of my dowdy clothes away like that Stacy and Clinton from TLC?
A: No. Everything is done online. You fill out a 5 minute survey and then I pull 5-7 looks for you and put them in an online stylebook. You can either shop from it or just gather ideas/inspiration.
Q: Does the style consultation cost anything?
A: Not a penny! (Did that sound too infomercially? Sorry)
Q: Shipping?
A: Free for delivery or return, so no penalty for trying things on. Yay.
Q: Why should I ask you for style advice? Sometimes you don't look too stylish.
A: Um, ouch?
Q: Well, I just don’t feel we have the same style.
A: Fair enough. Sometimes really great hairdressers have mullets, though.
Q: What if I want to become a stylist?
A: Just fill out an application! Click on the Become a Stylist button here! It's free and all you have to do is fill out a "resume" of sorts and they let you know within 48 hours if you've been accepted or not.
Q: Is this part of a racket to get you into a white Mustang or something?
A: I promise you, no. I started this because I love helping women become more confident through fashion!
Q: I don’t need style advice, but I have a friend who does.
A: Send her my way! (p.s. This is for women’s fashion only).

I hope this was informative and fun! If you have any question just leave them in the comments section and I will be glad to answer them!

Stay Beautiful!


  1. Congrats on starting a new business! I've seen a few bloggers who've done it - looks like a great way to make extra cash doing something you love. Goodluck! :)

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  3. Congrats! You'll do great! You are so beautiful! You look like like Grace Kelly

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  5. Congratulations! Sounds like such an exciting job! :)

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  6. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  7. Congrats on this wonderful exciting venture, wishing you all the best! Thanks for your fashion input, I hope you have a great & productive week ahead.

  8. This sounds like such an amazing opportunity! Congratulations!!

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  11. I have heard about Keaton Row and it sounds like so much fun! Congrats and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! :)

    Xo, Amanda

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  13. i JUST learned about this from cakestyle when they send the email saying they were closing! am definitely going to check you guys out!!

    Victoria @ Lost in Boston

  14. So exciting! Congrats!

  15. This is a great idea! Congrats! It's going to be so successful :)

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  19. So great to have you on board with KR, Elizabeth! Glad the FAQ came as a help ;)